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this is the fox report. a hollywood star home destroyed by fire. authorities trying to determine what cause caused caused it. and almost every american family already does this. lawmakers in the senate playing catchup. coming up with a budget. of course, that is just the beginning. >> harris: it took more than four years. a marathon voting session and burning the midnight oil, but by a razor thin margin the democrat controlled senate finally approved a budget plan.
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fox reports why it is now on a collision course with house republicans. also, a flash in the night sky spotted from florida to new england. in minutes, the ufo that has nasa talking. and a brush with death goes viral. a great white shark skipped the bait and goes straight for the people inside the cage. >> harris: i'm hai harris faul. once pitting the white house against half of capitol hill and the millions of americans against it the affordable healthcare act or obama care turned three years old today. while some of the law has already taken effect the price tag hangs in the balance and it is huge by any measure, democrat or republican. with the stroke of a pen on march 23, 2010 after months of bitter debating in congress president obama made it the
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signature achievement of his first term. it faced numerous appeal attempts and seen a supreme court challenge. john boehner saying when democrats rammed obama care through congress three years ago they did so with a host of promises that are proving more empty by the day. instead of keeping the coverage they have an estimated 7 million americans are at risk of losing health insurance ." then the president marking the day by praising the law saying this in part "the affordable healthcare act will give hard working middle class families the healthcare security they deserve and protect every american from the worst insurance company abuses." all this as preparations continue for a full rollout of the law less than a year from how. molly henneberg live for us in washington. critics say the rollout will mean more taxes. republicans andhs and
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democrats voted to repeal the medical device tax. on everything from latex gloves to wheel chairs to dental instruments. but you insurance industry advocates warn that more taxes from the law are coming down the pike. >> the reform law you includes a new $100 billion tax on health insurance that starts next year. 2014 it will be $8 billion. that will mean an average individual is going to pay over $100 more on the the premium as a result of the alone. small businesses will pay over $350 for each family they provide coverage for are. >> reporter: but president obama contends that obama care is already saving seniors money on prescription drugs and allows young people to stay on family health plans until age 26 and is slowing the growth of healthcare costs. harris? >> harris: i know the president is also saying that there will be more health insurance options for americans later this year but that is also running into some trouble. >> reporter: yes, the obama care law creates insurance exchanges scheduled to be in
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place by october where people can shop for insurance plans. but because many states say the exchanges too unwieldy and expensive for them to set up on a local level it now falls to the federal government to set them up. >> no money was budgeted for the federal government to do that. congress seems unwilling to give the administration money to do that. we are looking at a very messy situation. >> reporter: but the president says these exchanges will give americans and small business owners the choice to pick a health insurance plan that fits their budget. harris? >> harris: molly, thank you. american voters have been asking for years why hasn't the u.s. senate passed a well, after a dizzying marathon of votes and grueling all nighter by lawmaker we have it. senators on capitol hill have produced a budget. the $3.7 trillion plan passed by just one vote. 50-49. they worked through you the night voting time and time again on a slew of amendments to finally get a budget deal done around 5:00 this morning.
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the senate plan includes nearly a trillion dollars in new taxes over the next decade. and $100 billion in stimulus spending. and would do little to cut spending or the deficit. four democrats mark pryor of arkansas, kay haigen of north carolina, mark baggich of alaska and max bachus of montana all up for reelection in november joined senate republicans who voted against it. even though the margin was close senate leaders were praising colleagues for a job well done. >> i know everyone is exhausted. and you may not feel it at the moment but this is one of the senate's finest days in recent years and i commend everyone who has participated in this extraordinary debate. >> first of all, over the last two decades the average budget resolution considered 78 amendments. we have done 101.
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average vote 37 amendments we have done twice as many. doing this has been herculean feat. >> harris: next the senate must reconcile the budget with a plan passed by republicans. now, context showing how differently the plans would deal with the economy. the senate plan calls for $46.5 trillion in spending, nearly $5 trillion more than the house plan and more revenue an additional $1 billion more than the house plan. the biggest difference would be the impact on the nation's ballooning deficit. the senate plan is projected to cut spending by $975 billion over the next ten year. in the same time the house plan would cut a lot more. $6 trillion nearly. and if all this is not enough number crunching for you president obama is expected to release his budget plan in early april. of course, we will take a look and report. europe holding its
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collective breath time as the nation of cypress teethers on bankruptcy. a lot of wealthy europeans particularly russians park their money in cyprus bank. if the financial system fails. they will be asked to foot the bill for the bailout of the bank. we started seeing how they might pay with talk of a 20% tax on bank deposits. a chance the banks to collapse by tuesday there. >> reporter: harris that is absolutely right. unless there is a bailout deal and reportedly that could be closer tonight. as angry protesters kept up the pressure outside of government offices officials reportedly agreed to those levies on bank
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accounts. i'm curious is a run on the banks rather still expected even if they reach a bailout dial at this point? >> yeah, harris. that is a fear. we have been and they are nervous about the money in the banks and seven say they are planning to go to the bank doors and try to get in if the banks open on tuesday. that is why the government here just in the past 24 hours has put some really stringent restrictions limiting the flow of transactions which in of of itself is dangerous stuff but the u.s. is hoping that the damage -- the danger can be contained. >> harris: interesting. but putting curbs in for their own cash. how is your bottom line tonight? maybe you will play the lottery. still a little time left to get powerball tickets. people lining up across the
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nation to buy tickets before tonight's big drawing. no one picked the winning combo. the lottery jackpot worth $320 million the sixth highest payout ever. odds of winning 1 in 175 million. you seem lucky, though. lottery officials say if there is no winner tonight the jackpot to rise to more than a half billion dollars. reit now, president obama is scheduled to land shortly back in the united states after wrapping up a trip to the middle east today. earlier president touring the ancient city of petra in jordan following his first visit as president to israel. secretary of state john kerry will remain on in the region to meet further with israeli and palestinian leaders about possible options for relaunching stalled peace talks. at this hour, a family grieving. the death of a little boy killed in a freak accident at an airport. a giant sign fell on them.
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>> harris: fbi agents joining police in the hunt for are a missing student from brown university in rhode island. the search for the student now expanding from boston to philadelphia. he is 22 years old. last seen march 16. he left his wallet and his phone behind in his apartment. he is described as 6'2", about 130-pounds. any one with information should providence police. a huge man hunt with a break. investigators saying they have a suspect in the murder of the man who used to run the colorado entire prison system who was shot to death when answered his front door earlier this week. he was the director of colorado
4:17 pm
department of corrections and investigators are saying a man who died during a gun battle with texas authorities on thursday is the prime suspect. the man, evan spencer was paroled from a colorado prison in january. with more on this, dominik dean dinatale from the newsroom. >> reporter: investigators say they don't know if he was even aware that he was the state prison director. they do know he was a member of a dangerous white supremeacist prison gang. considered one of the most vicious groups of their kind akin to th aryan brotherhood of texas. the way the gang runs is someone is instructed to kill and he might have been instructed to kill tom clements. >> you don't have is the authority as a member of a gang to go out and just kill someone. it has to be a called shot by a shot caller. and so doc is looking to see
4:18 pm
who the shot caller was and when they find the shot caller there will be a murder charge lodged. >> reporter: investigators have been trying to forensically link him with clement's death. they say shell casings from the shootout match the same make and caliber with those at the home of clements. it adds to the evidence that the car matched the description of the one spotted outside the house the night he died. we are beginning to hear from some of his former friends talking to the daily beast and they have been describing him as a dark kid who was depressed and how at one point the walls in his room were painted black his windows were blacked out. he had a tatoo across his back that says "hopeless." back to you.
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now, to the freak accident at an airport. a 10-year-old child died when a flight status board fell on him and his family. it happened at the birmingham, alabama, airport. arrival departure sign collapsed suddenly on the family. witnesses rushing in to help. >> the family was crushed little kids crushed underneath the sign and everybody was scattering to lift it up. i helped lift it up and helped pull people out. >> harris: hard to believe. i can't think of how many times you look up at the signs when you are at the airport. the mother is in critical condition tonight. two of her children are being treated for their injuries. it is not clear exactly to the extent of how badly they were hurt. a mysterious light in the sky has sparked a frenzy on social media. maybe you have been tweeting or facebook posting. it is because of this. look at the center of screen now and it will flash over to the the right. looks like a plane but you it
4:20 pm
is not. up and down the east coast people watching this. what they called a ufo streaking across the who are are risen. now, nasa weighing in on what they think it is. also, the calendar says it is officially spring. hey, somebody tell these people! look at all that snow. nasty weather and a large part of the nation making it feel a lot like last thursday before spring actually arrived. blizzard like conditions forcing flight cancellations and highway closures in one state and the storm on the move. meteorologist janice dean will join us and let us know who is next in the path. and that awful weather did not stop a major soccer match. in fact it had some people angry about it tonight because they are wondering should they have stopped this. at one point guys didn't even have their shirts on. i mean wow. controversy and they are calling it the blizzard ball. stay with us. ♪
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surveillance cameras catching what appears to be a fireball passing through the night sky. reports about the splash of light from as far as florida to the south. new england to the north. ohio to the west. wow, that is a big sloth of earth. the pictures coming to us from delaware. social media lit up. the surprised viewers weighing in. nasa thinks it has an explanation. describing it as a single meteor event. but experts say they cannot be 100% sure. however, the descriptions by so many people were absolutely consistent a meteor. fox weather alert. a powerful snowstorm moving across the plains creating
4:25 pm
dangerous travel conditions and prompting warnings. thety's main airport canceled more than 100 flights. officials clothed down several highways because of blowing snow and a string of accidents including interstate 70 stretching into kansas. we are told possibly as many as 50 vehicles including four 18-wheelers crashed or slid off the roads near one town alone. meteorologist janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center where it is extreme if you are in denver right now, janice. >> the storm is on the move. over a dozen states right now have some sort of winter weather advisory. look at the snow totals we have already gotten over a foot in yuma, colorado. around the goodland kansas area, 8-inches. and just about 8-inches in denver. let's take a look at the storm that is on the move. it is going to make its way across the ohio river valley and the mid atlantic. i also want to talk about the potential of severe weather. first we will talk about where we have the winter advisories. over a dozen states in the
4:26 pm
pinks the winter weather warnings. we could see 8-12 inches of snow. and then the watches extending into the ohio river valley. severe threat, the warm side of the storm where we are seeing the potential for severe weather across all of the states we could see hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes. tornado watch in effect for parts of mississippi until 1:00 a.m. local time. north of that and east of it is where we have severe thunderstorm watches and severe thunderstorm warnings right now north and east of jackson, mississippi. let's track this storm because remember a couple of weeks ago we were talking about snowqeester in d.c. might happen as we head into monday. the snow event kansas city st. louis heading into sunday. the rainy side of the storm and then as we he head into monday the rush hour i-95 corridor, philadelphia, washington, d.c., up towards ove jersey this is . new york right on the fence. could see a couple of slushy inches but d.c. we could see
4:27 pm
6-12 inches of snow. tay tuned for that. here is your forecast snowfall. one of the computer models we are watching. 6-12 inches in the lighter shade of blue. could see higher amounts where we see the darker shade of blue but kansas city and st. louis 6-12-inches for you. across the ohio river valley in towards cincinnati and look at the latest computer model. could see certainly 6, 12, 18-inches in the higher elevations of the virginias. then up towards d.c., 6-12. delmarva peninsula maybe higher totals. there is philadelphia and there is new york on the cusp there. one thing is for certain we will watch the forecast carefully in the next 12-24 hours it is a it could disrupt travel big-time monday morning. back to you. >> harris: do the people in d.c. know you call it a snow quester? >> remember the is snowfall a couple of weeks ago this they are calling it snowquester. it didn't happen. it was mainly a rain event.
4:28 pm
this could happen this time. >> harris: even without the name it will be plain ugly if it does. thank you very much. >> keep you posted. you bet. >> harris: get back to the colorado snow. you may be wondering why. wait until you see the video. it did not stop a world cup qualifier soccer in denver last night. the united states taking on costa rica and it was snowing hard. crews with shovels clear. >> karch: portions of the field. a yellow and purple ball used to the teams could see it. at one point the refs actually stopped the game. look at the guy with the shirt off. they decided to resume a short time later. the u.s. winning one. this one they score 1-0. costa rica, however, is not happy about that. costa rica reportedly now demanding that they re-play the game and i will guess they should pike like, i don't know, miami, some place warm. wow. well, it happened. after four year the senate has
4:29 pm
a budget plan with just one vote to spare as we told you this hour. a hefty price tag to go along with it. the new showdown now shaping up over spending your tax dollars. also you know today is the third birthday of obama care. how much will it really cost americans? we will take a keeper look at the numbers. and it is not your typical schoolyard bully. i love this video. an alligator gets too close for comfort. and meets his match. a woman with a badge taming the wild caught on tape. [ male announcer ] extreme power. ultimate savings. get both now at your polaris dealer during the xp sales event. rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% on the world's best powersports li-up. incredible deals on hard-working rangers, smooth-riding sportsmen, and razor-sharp rzrs. hurry to your local polaris dealer for rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99%
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hunger creeping up on you ? stash a ritz crackerfuls. made with real cheese and whole grain. don't get caught hungry. ritz crackerfuls. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. after a lot o of hours and rattled nerves on capitol hill the senate passing its first budget in more than four years. senators pulling an all nighter with dozens of votes and at times patience wore thin. >> i would like to call up amendment 537. >> madam president. madam president. >> the senate will come to order. >> the senate is not in order. i know there is a lot of march madness going on. we would like to keep it calm on the floor so that senators can be heard. >> i will not object but i do want colleagues to understand some of the amendments that the chair lady asked to be put in
4:34 pm
order are incredibly fundamental important foreign policy issues that you do not do at 3:00 in the morning. >> harris: elizabeth prann has more from washington. elizabeth? >> reporter: it took all night but the senate narrow le approved a budget for the first time in four years, passing 50-49. a $3.7 trillion blueprint plan raising nearly a trillion dollars in new taxes and the government would still be in a deficit after ten years. senator patty murray argues it creates jobs and economic growth. for the democrats the vote is a big accomplishment. >> first of all, over the last it two decades the average budget resolution considered 78 amendments. we have done 101. average votearama 35 amendments. we have done 70. twice as many. this has been a herculean feat.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: 70 voted on mostly symbolic gestures which show exactly where the senators stand on issues and when you take a 13-hour 6 minute vote there to be a little bit of hume. ahumor. >> as of this time, 5:00 a.m. there has not been a day without a budget being passed in the united states senate. >> all voted yay with the exception of four up for reelection in 2014 and from states which can be unfriendly to democrats. white house press secretary jay carney respond together news and says the president's plan wasteful cut "waste 68 spending. >> fox top story and a diaper look at the numbers that are -- and a deeper look at the numbers that are huge and affect all of us. today marks three years since obama care became law. we took a look at this at the top o hour. it promised to bring down the
4:36 pm
healthcare but the costs may be overshadowing the law's intention. jim angle with the facts to know. >> reporter: though it doesn't fully take effect until january parts are already in place. supporters, of course, point to the benefits. >> already more than 3 million young americans have gained coverage through their parents plans. preventive care is free for tens of millions of americans. >> you have children can now have coverage even if this he have a preexisting condition and stay on their parent's plan until age 26. >> reporter: obama care offers everything from free contraceptive to free preventive services. there will be more than a trillion in new tax. new benefits such as free are preventative care come at a cost for someone. >> having the costs covered of mammograms and colonoscopys is well and good but when the
4:37 pm
reimbursement is below cost they won't provide the services. >> a whole host of new regulatory and compliance requirements that all add to the cost of healthcare coverage. >> reporter: in fact, the regulations that govern how obama care will be implemented have been pouring out. >> there has been 17,000-pages of regulations issued so far. i don't think anybody knows exactly what is in all of them. >> most of what is going to happen was not actually written in the legislation. it is up to the discretion of the obama administration. >> and all of that is creating uncertainty which the federal reserve is discouraging companies from hiring. others are cutting employees hours to avoid government mandates. >> obama care as a healthcare issue may in fact become secondary to obama care as a jobs issue you. >> reporter: a fox news poll released finds that a 55% want the law repeal in part or in its in tirety and 45% want to leave it as is or expand it. the promise was universal insurance but the congressional
4:38 pm
budget office saying many will still be left out. >> the uninsured rate will be 44 million in 2014. >> the total cost of the law through 2023 is $1.3 trillion. several democrats have joined republicans to roll back a new tax on medical devices while others want more sweeping changes including outright repeal of the law before next january. in washington, jim angle, fox news. a meeting today for new pope francis. he voted with pope emeritus benedict xvi. any he had lunch and prayed together in the chapel. benefit offering francis the traditional nealer used by the but he refused to take it alone saying we are brothers. he says he understands benedict offered a pledge of obedience to the new pontiff and pope
4:39 pm
fran thanked him for his service. they have been at odds for weeks over the fate of the detention center in the eastern part of afghanistan. u.s. military leaders feared the most notorious dangerous insurgents would be let go once the afghans took over. the new deal will ensur that both sides work together to make sure that doesn't happen. despite death threats from the taliban and risk of arrest, former pakistani president pervez musharraf is going home. he has been living in exile in london and is planning to return to pakistan to take part elections in may. he made the announcement and within hours the taliban threatened to release homicide bombers and snipers against him. he took power after a coo after the september 11th attacks.
4:40 pm
he was urged by the united states to cut off ties with the taliban which he did. the move made many in the country angry. musharraf facing charges in connection with a 2007 assassination of the former prime minister. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. burma. the violence testing the country's new democracy a couple of years after military rule ended there. truck loads of soldiers can be seen patrolling the streets now where there have been days of rioting between buddhists and muslims. mosques and homes burned to the ground and word of many people dying here. no official death toll yet. next door in thailand. fire ripping through a refugee camp there.
4:41 pm
the flames destroying about 100 huts and killing at least 35 people. officials saying it was a cooking accident. bangladesh. a tornado decimates a densely populated area. reports it was on the ground for several minutes. the twister taking out homes, businesses and power lines and lives. some 20 people dead. 200 injured. the uk. living in the dark following a snowstorm part of a prolonged cold snap hitting the region. roads shut down with first responders making all sorts of rescues. reports 70 drivers in snow drifts. widespread power outages sparking fears of a gasoline shortage but utility companies saying no need to worry yet. ha is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> harris: one of those times you wish you you could have an automatic do over like when you
4:42 pm
rip up your lottery ticket. i said the defense secretary was leon panetta. the new secretary of defense is hagel and i know that. i apologize for the mistake. so many people were left in the dakota for days and weeks after superstorm sandy. some without power for a long, long time. new jersey's power company has a plan to upgrade its electric grid over the next decade. the idea to make sure the next time a storm slams the east coast and particularly new jersey, they will be prepared. the cost is falling on customers. doug is here. $4 billion. a huge price tag. so what do customers get? >> reporter: a huge cost and obviously sandy was a huge storm but $4 billion. the idea is that you get fewer power outages and if your power does go out it shouldn't take as long to restore this. that is the idea he, anyway. new jersey pse and g like any other power company in the the
4:43 pm
path of superstorm sandy is looking at ways to not just repair but rebuild the is systems to be mor resistant to high winds and flooding. >> we look at superstorm sandia half of the customers would not the have been impacted if the controls were higher. we would have provided better service and that would have been better for the customers. >> reporter: but there is the issue of cost. $4 billion. the new jersey utility bills are already among the highest in the nation and they were set to come down significantly over the next decade. this rebuilding plan would change that. >> saying that our bills are going to stay the same is not really fair because really our o bills should be going down and what they are doing is taking up -- it is close to 9%, taking that close to 9% reduction and they are are filling it up with these costs that they want to spend. >> reporter: the question regulators and rate payers have to answer is it world while to prepare for storms that are relatively rare or cheaper just to make the repairs as they are needed.
4:44 pm
>> harris: we talk about those being relatively rare. we saw, connecticut, get hit 16 months before superstorm sandy with a huge snowstorm and they had no electionity for days and weeks and we saw it with superstorm sandy and irene. it is happening with the power grids. other states besides, new jersey, taking a look at this? >> reporter: what is happening in new jersey could ultimately affect just about every power customer rather in the nation. you you look at these electrical grids the entire grid is age and in some areas very he vulnerable and in fact the former chairman of the federal energy regulatory commission says that nationwide we need to spend about a trillion dollars to upgrade the grid. >> the fact that there are over 100,000 hours of electrical outages across the country annually suggests that we need to replace the old electromechanical system with a more digital system and harden the facilities. >> but as always, the question
4:45 pm
is at what cost. and a trillion dollars is going to be a hard sell for utilities, their regulators and ultimately, harris, the customers who have is to foot the bill for all this. >> harris: a trillion dollars. if you think about the deficit and the chunk that that would represent. where are they going to get that from? not going to be split among all americans obviously. >> reporter: the only way is through rate payors. the federal government does grants in some instances to try to help out but this is something that we will all eventually have to pay for, so they say. >> harris: that is our money, too, the grants. doug luzader. good to see you. >> nothing is free. >> harris: nothing is free. thanks. ambushed in the hall. a vicious attack as the cameras are rolling. where it happened might surprise you. we don't have to tell you nature can be unpredictable but it seems to come as a shock so tomorrow tourists inside that cage who thought that maybe the bait would keep the sharks away. don't hang the fish outside the cage. oh, goodness gracious.
4:46 pm
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>> harris: police in georgia released the 911 tape from calls which were we leased after a baby boy was shot dead in his stroller. sherry west says she was ambushed by two teenagers while pushing her son in a stroll they are week. fox news that's been covering the story. they demanded money and when she said she didn't have any they threatened to kill her baby and they fired four shots hitting her in the leg and west says they shot the child in the head. now, we are are hearing the fran take call made to police from the neighbors moments after that little one was murder. >> did you hear any shots in the area? >> yes, i heard the shots. >> you heard the shots? >> sweet jesus, yes, somebody shot the child. >> they are coming, ma'am. >> she has him on the ground.
4:50 pm
>> harris: two teenagers now charged with that murder. one is 17, the other is 14. that is tough to hear. rescuers at the site of a collapsed coal mine able to save one man working when the roof caved in. it is our top story on this fox trip across america.
4:51 pm
utah. trapped inside a service tunnel at the mine south of salt lake city. rescue crews pulling one man from the rubble and getting him to the hospital. the other miner did not survive. investigators working to determine what caused the cave-in. iowa. an assault at a county courthouse outside of des moines. caught on tape. police say a group of prosecutors was leaving the building when a man walked up and asked who they were. when one with of the prosecutors identified himself the suspect punched him in the face and then took a slug at another prosecutor who was trying to help. bystanders breaking up the attack and police arresting the suspect. he is facing assault charges. still not clear why he would do this. arizona. a helmet cam rolling when border patrol agents find a hiker lost in remote mountains outside of tucson. a helicopter could not land in the rocky terrain forcing border agent and hiker to be
4:52 pm
lifted back to safety. the hiker hospitalized and expected to be okay. that is a fox watch across america. the home of a hollywood actress destroyed by fire. ashley green one of the stars on the way to lit movie series. we are following the story and we willle give it to you after the break. wow. a very angry alligator who finds out it is on 9 wrong side of the law. -- it is on the wrong side of the law. ♪ see you later alligator, after awhile crocodile ♪ ♪ can't you see you are in my way now ♪ tery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful.
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understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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4:55 pm
>> harris: firefighters clearing out what is left of actress ashley green's home after a fire tore through you her west hollywood condo. smoke and flames pouring out of the windows of the building.
4:56 pm
according to witnesses green as well as her brother and boyfriend were in the apartment when the fire broke out. all escaped unharmed. three people treated for smoke inhalation. one of green's two dogs died in the fear. she is best snowplow for her role in the twilight saga as the sister of edward. gait theors, nothing new in the sunshine state. but alligator got a little too close to a school near orlando and the resource officer sprang into action. reporter tracy jasom a of fox affiliate wofl has more. >> he come out of there and come around this way. >> deputy jessica mcgreger is a florida girl born and raised. she knows the gator that travels' way from a lake in the middle of the hottest part of the day could be a gator looking for trouble or at least food. >> i started hearing on the school radio we were getting several complaints from parents
4:57 pm
saying there was a 6-foot alligator walking along the fence line. >> give yew better look and then try just a half inch short of 7 feet. >> oh, gosh. protect us. >> i wound up getting him lass sewed around the neck and got him out in the open and got him to move around a lot and expel energy so he wasn't as much active on me so i had a better chance over him. >> okay. come on. you can do it. i know what you are doing with it. do it. no, she didn't. >> oh, yes, she did. this is where dawn gets down on the gator's back and ties its jaws shut. a close are look shows how she did that. she then tapes them shut and waits for the trapper to arrive. she says it was all in a day's work but wasn't even on duty with the sheriff's office. she was simply acting as the school resource officer. >> you make it sound easy. i don't think it was that easy, though. >> it was for me. we played with alligators a lot growing up.
4:58 pm
they he come on our land. we had a few acres down south. very few neighbors growing up and lots of water so they were constantly crossing back and forth and we went out there and get them off the property. to me it is all just in a day's work. we had a problem, a threat to the kids and we got rid of it. >> harris: i don't know if they rehearse it this way but did you notice that the other resource officer was standing watching. yikes. our thanks to tracy of affiliate wofl for the report and, of course, we always keep our eye out for things happening near our fox report affiliates. from alligators now to a great white shark. things with lots of teeth here on "the fox report" weekend. the tourist whose adventure obviously did not go as planned. as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way. rethink how you're invested. and refocus as your career moves forward.
4:59 pm
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